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Pressure Washing for New Home Construction

New Construction Pressure Washing

When you contract with Water Wiz Pressure Washing to clean your new home construction site you will get a professional company that has cleaned thousands of houses for some of South Carolina's most prominent  home builders.

We are experts at removing new construction related stains, residue, dirt, and debris. Water Wiz Pressure Washing uses high-pressure hot water to clean up paint (drips, spills, stains, & overspray), caulk, wheel & tire marks, framers chalk, grease, oil, and just about any other substance you can imagine.

Water Wiz Pressure Washing is often selected by New-Home Builders and General Contractors in the Midlands area, to pressure wash and clean garages, driveways, walkways, porches, entries, patios, and decks at their new homes before turning them over to the new owners. Most construction sites will be quite messy and can leave a new home looking "less inviting". We remove the construction related materials such as paint, caulk, liquid nails, chalk, etc., giving your new homes the fresh, clean appearance they deserve.

We think you would agree that ANY professional cleaning is a quick and inexpensive way to increase the perceived quality of a final product. It is a very cost effective way to get the upper hand on your competitors, or at least keep up with those who already use this type of service.

Construction Pressure Cleaning

In addition to new home construction sites, Water Wiz Pressure Washing also works with large commercial builders and general contractors to provide pressure cleaning services at the final stage of new construction projects and remodels.


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